Taking a Break

Well my lovelies, it appears it’s time for me to scale things back for a while. You haven’t seen much from me lately have you?

I have recently been diagnosed with my third auto-immune disease.  So it’s time to focus on my health.  Lots of rest, physiotherapy, massages, meditation and just basically taking care of me.  I’ll be spending lots of time in the kitchen cooking everything from scratch.  Did you know there are some amazing auto-immune cookbooks out there?  My research has led me to a few wonderful ones.  And luckily I have a very support hubby who will be with me every step of the way.

Since I’ll be doing all that…my time in my studio will be limited.  This isn’t permanent…just wanted you to know that my posts will be very sporadic over the next while.  You’ll see the odd post and next month I have a fund-raiser I committed to a while ago.

Shery has very graciously offered to give me a leave from the STAMPlorations/ARTplorations team and I’ve gratefully accepted. Isn’t she the best?

Back in a while with more my friends…

9 thoughts on “Taking a Break”

  1. I am so sorry to read that you are not perfectly fine … I suspected something like that when I read that you are taking a leave from the STAMPlorations Team … please, take good care of yourself … sending hugs Tanja


  2. Dear sweet Lee-Anne, so sorry about your health issues, but sounds like you are prepared to make healthy changes to boost your immune system. We will miss you and will treasure your quick hellos. Take care my friend. Hugs, Nancy


  3. So very sorry to hear of your health problems. Sound like you are on the right tract to take care of yourself. Look forward to your occasional posts and getting back to good health. Hugs to you!


  4. Please take good care of you! You're in my prayers. Because of my husbands health problems I have been a 'from scratch' cook for quite awhile. Of course being raised on a farm I've been pretty much that for years.


  5. Good luck with your healing, Lee-Anne! I've suffered from various auto-immune diseases over the years but thankfully discovered a paleo/primal approach to diet several years ago and it has made a world if difference to my health!


  6. I'm so proud of you to take charge of your health and do whatever you can to make your life as pain free as possible. You have a lot of dedication to that, and I wish I could be more like you. I would love to hear from you in your journey with your new diet and how it works for you. You have inspired me to look into that for myself as we share the same disease. Thank you for inspiring me in yet another way. Good luck my friend. I will cherish any postings you feel up to doing with your amazing artistic abilities. Sending hugs and best wishes. Love, Loll


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