Play & Learn

I’m a participant in Wanderlust 2016 and this is my first page for the class.  Learning new techniques, trying new products and just generally playing, hence the name of my page.

Kasia showed us some great techniques for layering and adding texture to our pages.  I’m not going to go into details here as I don’t feel that’s appropriate for a paid class.  But after watching her video and Kate’s video, I’ve soaked up some knowledge and that’s what my 2016 is all about…learning.  And in the process of learning, I think it’s very important to play too 🙂

I’ve used acrylic paints, spray mists, gesso, some grungeboard, a stencil, archival ink, India ink, some Inka Gold…hmmm…I think that might be all???

It’s fun and I’m having a blast!

Back soon with more my sweet friends…

7 thoughts on “Play & Learn”

  1. OMG Lee-Anne….I am in ahhh of your Mixed Media talent!!! I Love your drippy colors and textures. Your teachers must be thrilled my friend. I can't wait to see your next work of art. TFS my friend.


  2. Great design on your pages Lee-Anne! so happy to see it here on your blog – as it's quite difficult to find specific people in the Wanderlust galleries! Love the words you chose – and your painted inky drippiness! I too need so much practice before journaling will be 'natural' to me! The classes sure are interesting and fun! Julia xx


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