In Loving Memory of my Sweet Friend Susan

Hello all…it’s not often that I break with my tradition of just sharing my cards and a few tidbits about life.  But things have changed this week.

My dear, sweet friend Susan, has lost her battle with breast cancer.  It’s a nasty disease that has taken my mother, and many other relatives and friends, and friends of friends.   Today I remember all those that have gone before my sweet friend and sadly those who will yet succumb to this horrible disease.

And I offer hope to those still fighting…keep fighting girls…you are strong, resilient and able to kick cancer’s ass.  PLEASE KEEP FIGHTING!!!

I’m sharing a picture of Susan in happier times with all her beautiful grandchildren.

Heaven shines a little brighter with a glorious new star…

Back soon with more my sweet friends…

6 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of my Sweet Friend Susan”

  1. Hi Lee-Anne. I'm so sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to Susan's family. What a lovely memory you've shared with us today … Susan looks so happy surrounded by her loving grandchildren. Peace to her family. Loll xx


  2. Oh Leanne….so sorry for your loss. Cancer is a nasty, nasty disease!! Love the photo – some of those little faces are full of mischief LOL! Hugest of cyber ((HUGS)) to you!!!


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